Interfraternity Council endorsements

By the Interfraternity Council March 26, 2019

To the Rensselaer Community,

2019 GM Week Endorsements:

As the governing council of fraternities at Rensselaer, the Interfraternity Council is happy to announce our endorsements of the positions of Grand Marshal, President of the Union, and Undergraduate President. We as the Interfraternity Council believe that a strong student government leads to an even stronger experience at Rensselaer. Our community is a vital part of the Rensselaer experience and with the aid of our allies in the Student Senate, Executive Board, and Undergraduate Council we hope to triumph through any adversity that Greek Life goes through.  Below are the endorsements that our council made on the March 13 General Body Meeting:

Grand Marshal: Meagan Lettko

After serving as Vice Grand Marshal, Class of 2020 Senator, Head of the Arch Task Force, and more, Lettko has truly shown her support for the Greek Community. Lettko, being the chair of the Arch Task Force has aided our community by working on initiatives regarding Greek Members living in their respective houses. Given the task force recommendations, there is the possibility of our members living in our houses in 2020 if we complete Rensselaer’s criteria- something Lettko has started working on with our chapter presidents. Along with this, she has expressed the interests of the Greek Community in her platform by striving for success of Greek Life, supporting initiatives for an exemplar Greek experience, and advocating for all students regardless of affiliation. Lettko truly shows perseverance and resilience as she showed passion and dedication to the Greek Community.

President of the Union: Caitlin Kennedy

Kennedy, after being on the executive board for 3 consecutive terms has proven that she supports students and the Union. As the Union serves as the hub for student life, Kennedy has aided with the transformation of it to serve the needs of the current student. As the chair of the club operations committee, she has aided with the creation of many clubs and assisting them with their operations. Kennedy has played a significant role in bringing the benefits of the Union to Greek Life. She has pushed for the affiliation of our councils to the Union as our community requires more resources and assistance in these trying times. Overall, Kennedy has been a proponent of Greek Life and our students.

Undergraduate President: Evan Lazaro

The Undergraduate Council has always been supportive of the initiatives of Greek Life, by bringing our community together. Lazaro, after serving as his class president and working on the Undergraduate Council is looking to truly unite the Rensselaer Community. With his experience, Lazaro is driven to make changes to the Undergraduate Council in order to ensure there is relevant and needed programming as well as accountability and determination in the class councils. Lazaro, has expressed interest in working with Greek Life and wants to strengthen ties with the community if elected.


Vish Gopalakrishnan

Interfraternity Council President