Interfraternity Council endorsements

By the Interfraternity Council April 2, 2018

As the representatives of all Fraternities on the Rensselaer campus, the Interfraternity Council seeks student government candidates that understand the circumstances and issues pertaining to Greek Life, as well as intend to further the interests of the Greek community. After the General Body Meeting of The Interfraternity Council on March 21st, 2018, the Council delegates have voted to endorse the following candidates for the positions of Grand Marshal, President of the Union, and Undergraduate President:

Grand Marshal: Nancy Bush

Through Bush’s experience and involvement within the Rensselaer Student Senate, the Interfraternity Council has identified Bush as the preferred candidate for Grand Marshal. Throughout her time in the Senate, Bush has shown to not only further the interests of the overall Greek community, but the overall Rensselaer community. During her tenure, Bush has served on the Student Life Committee, dedicating part of her time to the introduction of a SPAM alternative proposal. During her speech, Bush has expressed interest in the furthering of the alternative, as well as having outlined further plans for the continuance of Greek Life at Rensselaer. These plans include communication with both the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council, as well as working with Greek Life moving forward with the Arch program. The Interfraternity Council is confident that Bush will prove to be effective in furthering the aims and ideals of the Rensselaer Greek Community, as well as furthering the Rensselaer community as a whole.

President of the Union: Justin Etzine

Through Etzine’s term as Grand Marshal, he has proved to be a proponent for the Greek system at RPI, keeping open communication with the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council. Etzine has also provided the opportunity for members of the Greek community to be an active part of Student Government. Even though Etzine is not affiliated with a Greek Organization, Etzine had expressed in his speech further interest in working with the Rensselaer Greek Community, as well as continuing communications with the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council. During his tenure, Etzine had the opportunity to work closely with the President of the Union, allowing Etzine the opportunity to see the inner workings of the Union Executive Board, and gain a further understanding of working for and representing the Rensselaer community as a whole. With his experience with Student Government, and his continuous efforts in furthering Greek Life at Rensselaer, the Interfraternity Council wholeheartedly supports Etzine in his campaign for President of the Union.

Undergraduate President: Joey Lyons

Lyons has extensive experience with the Class Councils, having previously served as the Vice President, and currently serving as the President for the Class of 2018. During her time on the Class of 2020 Council, Lyons has led the council in the production of numerous class events, such as hockey events and day trips. Through her speech, Lyons has welcomed Fraternities and Sororities to be involved in the occurrence of class events, which would prove beneficial to both Greek Life and the Rensselaer community. Through Lyons leadership, the Interfraternity Council is confident that the relationship between the Greeks and the Class Councils will flourish.