Executive Board

Executive Board plans for construction projects

Director of the Union Charlie Potts gave his report on a set of construction projects at Rensselaer. The first project mentioned was a pavilion in the parking lot by the Sharp tennis courts. Potts said that he and his team members are going to the city government on October 18 to get building permits. The Board was worried about drainage issues, wondering if a wall could be erected to prevent this issue. To address this, the pavilion will be constructed with the same design as the one planned for the Sunset Terrace.

Another project mentioned is the renovation of the RPI Playhouse that flooded this past February. Part of the project deals with sorting out which insurances cover certain renovation expenses. Potts expects the indoor renovation to be completed by Spring break, with the work on the outside potentially being completed during Summer 2024. Potts met with an architect and a planner to progress the interior renovation. In addition, Potts introduced the renovation of the Union Game Room, which is also hoped to be completed during Summer 2024.

Representatives from the Go Club then approached the Executive Board for recognition. Go Club brings together students who love Chinese culture through the board game “Go.” Additionally, Go Club works with the Chinese department at RPI so their members can learn Chinese during tournaments. So far, the club boasts an average of ten attendees per week and participated in two tournaments last spring. The vote for recognition passed unanimously.

RPI’s Korean Students Association requested a fundraising program for Chu-Seok, Korean Thanksgiving. The Korean Students Association sought this fundraising opportunity to serve traditional snacks in celebration of Chu-Seok. The vote to approve the fundraiser passed unanimously.

The Cycling Club sought a funding reallocation for their participation in the national competition in North Carolina. In past years, the club flew to nationals and shipped their bikes, but this year, they are driving and need money for gas and lodging. In response to several questions, the club clarified their original budget was based on four riders and stated that they will be driving their own cars. Additionally, knowing the Union rules about occupancy in a room, members were concerned about hotel costs. Aside from some concerns, the motion for the reallocation finally passed with a 15-0-2 vote.

Men’s Club Soccer requested an additional subsidy to compete in the regional tournament. The club recently finished at the top of their division, which is the best in its history. The requested subsidy would be used to pay for the tournament entry fees. During discussion, Member-At-Large Isha Shah ’23G asked how the budget would be distributed to cover future lodging and transport fees, to which the club leader responded that there would be a 70-30 split. The subsidy, which amounted to $805, passed unanimously.

Women’s Club Basketball requested a subsidy for more jerseys because the national league requires two different-colored game jerseys. Additionally, they needed backup jerseys if players get blood on them. The subsidy, which amounted to $2034, passed unanimously.

Finally, RPI’s Figure Skating Club requested a stopgap budget. However, the requested $2,931 exceeded the $2,221 that was in the FY24 Stopgap Contingencies budget. As a result, the E-Board unanimously passed a motion to allocate $221 from the Stopgap Contingencies Budget. The Board then approved an additional subsidy of $2,790 from the FY24 Club Contingency Budget. These motions allow the club members to skate at the Houston Field House without having to pay for ice time themselves.

This Executive Board meeting was held on October 5. The next E-Board meeting is Thursday, October 12 at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.