Student Senate

Senate to implement facilities projects

Grand Marshal Ben Viner ’24 introduced a motion which consisted of several Facilities and Services Commitee projects. The projects themselves include putting automatic defibrillators in buildings and improving accessibility on campus. Viner previously met with Vice President of Administration Ernest Katwinzel to assist in achieving success on the projects. The Senate also discussed issues regarding all forms of accessibility on campus. In general, the Senate wants to take a “holistic” approach towards accessibility to make buildings more accessible for both students and staff. The project includes making improvements to campus infrastructure, such as pathways along with policy-related decisions which affect students’ daily lives. A Senate Accessibility Walk was planned in which senators and other participants will walk around campus with staff from Public Safety and Disability Student Services, pointing out worn-down stairs, ramps, and other deteriorating infrastructure. The motion to prioritize work on accessibility-related projects passed unanimously.

Elections Commission chairperson Timothy Miles ’24 discussed the recent election in which four new senators from the Class of 2027 were elected. The recent election had the highest voter turnout in a decade with a total of 546 ballots cast. Miles now stated he wants to focus on planning for the upcoming Grand Marshal Week election.

Viner also appointed Academic Affairs Committee Vivian Rost-Nasshan ’26 as an Independent Senator. The motion to appoint Rost-Nasshan passed unanimously.

This Senate meeting was held on October 23. The next Senate meeting will be held on Monday, November 6 at 8pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.