Student Senate

Viner holds first meeting of the semester

Senators are supposed to cause change. Grand Marshal Ben Viner ’24 reflected such beliefs at the first Senate of the semester, adding that “I would like to focus this time where we’re all together to give committees and project leads the opportunity to present their ideas to us. Not in a vote-on-it-final-say sort of way, but as a way to get input.” Viner also gave the Senate a short form to fill out regarding changes Senators would like to see on campus. The goal is to work on these changes throughout the year.

Two appointments for the Executive Board were approved. Isabele Leiber ’25 was approved for Club and Organization representative unanimously. Michelle Li ’26 was approved for Class of 2026 Representative with a vote of 6‒0‒1.

The meeting ended with a “committee breakout,” an optional session where Senators could talk to committee chairs about their projects.

This Senate meeting was held on September 4. The Senate meets every Monday at 8 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.