Executive Board

RPI Ambulance flashes lights towards new ambulance

The Executive Board meeting began with three members of RPI Ambulance, who returned to the E-board two weeks after their last request. Captain Jacob Steingart ’23, Second Lieutenant Sean Lim ’26 and Vice President Alex Mattoni ’25 requested permission from the E-board to obtain quotes to purchase a new ambulance. The members began with an introduction to RPI Ambulance, which has been in operation for over 47 years and provides free EMS to the Rensselaer community. This has saved the RPI community over $1.8 million dollars throughout the ambulance’s lifespan. They respond to around 150-160 calls per year, the majority of which are on-campus, and utilize their 17-year-old ambulance as well as a 16-year-old fly-car to carry out a call. When a call comes in, the team uses the fly-car to reach the ambulance, which they then take to the call. RPI Ambulance already possesses the money to purchase the ambulance but needed approval from the Executive Board to obtain quotes.

RPI Ambulance showcased many comparisons and detailed the benefits of having a new ambulance, a few of which included easily accessible storage, increased space, and large doors to maintain communication between members during calls. Their current equipment prevents maximum efficiency on the job as items are not placed in the most convenient spot due to lack of space. Members stated that the average lifespan of an ambulance runs from 10-12 years. Overall, it will take around 3-6 months to obtain quotes for the new ambulance and around 2 years for it to arrive. RPI Ambulance members additionally mentioned they plan to replace their fly-car soon too, but that it is more a plan for the future. The motion to move forward with obtaining the quotes passed unanimously.

RPI Club Softball then stepped up to the plate with a request for a stopgap budget. The year-old club recently became a part of the National Softball Association and plans to compete in a myriad of games throughout the 2023-2024 school year. Members requested a total of $1,709 from their FY24 budget to pay for their new fees as a first-year club in the NSA. The request consisted of a collection of league dues, umpire costs and travel expenses, all of which were balanced with fundraisers and club dues. As the club enters their first round of games on September 25, they requested these funds in order to begin their season. The motion for the stopgap budget of $1,709 passed 10-0-2.

In addition, the E-board confirmed Kripa Khanal ’24 as Parliamentarian and Nabila Hussain ’26 as the Union Annual Report Committee Chairperson, both of which passed unanimously.

This Executive Board meeting was held on September 14. The next Executive Board meeting will be on September 21 at 7pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.