Executive Board

Changes to Union, Mueller Center, and ’87 Gym hours approved

The Executive Board voted to alter the hours of operation for the Rensselaer Union, Mueller Center, and ’87 Gym.

During the Spring semester, both the Union and Mueller Center opened at 7 am instead of the normal 8 am. Despite the earlier opening time, the student ID card scan count showed there wasn’t a drastic change in traffic. As a result, the hours for the Union, Mueller Center, and ’87 Gym will return to their pre-Spring semester times. The changes will save the Union around $14,800 this semester when compared to the Spring semester. Starting September 28, the new hours will be as follows.

  • Union: 8 am–11:59 pm daily
  • Mueller Center: 8 am–11 pm Monday to Thursday, 8 am–9pm Friday, 11 am–8 pm Saturday, and 11 am–11 pm Sunday.
  • ’87 Gym: 11 am–11 pm Sunday to Thursday, 11 am–7 pm Friday and Saturday

The E-Board also confirmed the appointment of Michelle Martinez ’26 as the new Multicultural Leadership Council chairperson unanimously.

This Executive Board meeting was held on August 23. The next E-Board meeting is August 31 at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.