Student Senate

Grand Marshal recaps meeting with President Shirley Ann Jackson

During the Student Senate meeting on April 12, Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’22 reported that she and President of the Union Colleen Corrigan ’21 met with President Shirley Ann Jackson to discuss the presidential transition. “The big focus is on discovering the policies that govern the Institute,” said Bennett. This includes understanding RPI’s financial structure and the tax and budget policies behind it. There is also a focus on understanding each administrative division. Bennett shared that more engagement will happen over the summer when Dr. Martin Schmidt ’81 moves in, since this is when he will reach out to “various constituencies,” including “faculty, staff, students, [and] alumni.”

The Senate also motioned to reappoint Alexander Grant ’24 as Secretary. Sean Hefferman ’22 asked what she thought of Grant’s previous experience as Secretary. Bennett answered that “he was really helpful in figuring out Google Sheets,” and was involved in other parts of student government, including the Union Annual Report Committee. The motion passed 12-0-0.

This Student Senate meeting happened on April 12. The Student Senate meets at the Shelnutt Gallery every Tuesday at 8 pm.