Executive Board

Executive Board approves facility projects, additional club subsidies

Director of the Union Dr. Charlie Potts presented two motions to the Executive Board regarding facility renovations. The first motion sought to approve the use of $48,500 in order to construct two offices in the Mueller Center, while the second motion sought $42,000 in order to demolish the W2SZ trailer on Sunset Terrace. Both motions passed unanimously.

The first motion was amended to specify which budget the $48,500 was being allocated from.

During the second motion, Executive Board Secretary Dalton Chick-Penland ’24 asked what the space would be used for after the demolition of the trailer. Potts replied that it could be used for picnics, recreation, or leadership development.

During the Executive Board meeting on April 14, Potts presented a third project that sought to renovate the Student Government Suite in the Union. However, the project was not included in the April 21 motions. Business Operations Committee Chairperson Brian Anderson ’22 reported that the SGS project was still under discussion.

The Union Show Techs requested $5658.56 to purchase a new lighting board and related equipment. The club had previously requested $34,434 back in February, but due to supply chain issues, the total price of the equipment increased to $40,092.56 before the club was able to make the purchase.

Vice President for Club Relations Oleksiy Golub ’23 asked what the club would do with the old lighting board. Club member Scott Visser ’25 responded that the old board would serve as a backup system. The subsidy request passed 9-0-0.

TeamRPI eSports requested an additional subsidy of $450 to register as a member for the National eSports Collegiate Conference. According to club member Devyn Smith ’23, the club had the opportunity to send two teams to a national tournament offered by NECC.

The first motion created a new club program titled “NECC.” The second motion sought to reallocate $450 to that program. Both motions passed unanimously.

During the first motion, Club Representative Jake Herman ’23 asked whether the prize money would go to the club or the Union if the teams won the tournament. Business Administrator Martha McElligott responded that the money would go to the club.

The NECC tournament will be held online from May 24 to May 26.

The Executive Board held a motion to endorse a candidate for the Assistant Director of Student Activities position. The name of the candidate was not revealed. Counselor to the President Matthew Zapken ’21, who interviewed the candidate, said that the candidate has a strong understanding of how the Union operates. Anderson agreed with Zapken, adding that the candidate’s methodology of using “goals to drive decision making” was a good approach.

Club Operations Committee Chairperson Natalia Lago ’24, who was also present during the hiring interview, said that she had asked the candidate what the weaknesses of having a student-led Executive Board were. According to Lago, the candidate responded that the student-led Board was a “great growth aspect,” but expressed concern over how members of the Board were being guided by administrative staff, remarking that administrators should act more as guides rather than “telling [E-Board members] what to do.” Lago ended by saying that the candidate was well-versed in student leadership, student organizations, and the COVID-19 transition.

The motion to endorse the candidate passed 10-0-0.

Earlier in the week, the Executive Board held an online vote to reallocate $2418 in order for RPI Rugby to attend the “Beast of the East” spring invitational tournament. The vote was conducted through email and passed 13-0-0.

This Executive Board meeting happened on April 21. The Executive Board meets at the Shelnutt Gallery every Thursday at 8 pm.