Student Senate

UAR committee eases chairperson requirements

The Student Senate amended the bylaws to the Union Annual Report committee last week because of a lack of applicants for the position of UAR chairperson. “The big issue we saw was that we had some people who were interested in [becoming UAR chairperson] couldn’t make Senate,” explained Grand Marshal Cait Bennett ’22. According to the previous bylaws, the UAR chairperson must also be the Senate-Executive Board liaison, attending both Senate and E-Board meetings. With the amendment, the Union Annual Report committee must instead have a member that is on the Senate and a different member that is on the E-Board. Being the Senate-Executive Board liaison is still an option for the UAR chairperson.

Treasurer Ali Ibrahim ’25 suggested that the UAR committee should have someone that attends both Senate and E-Board, like how the UAR chairperson would have in previous years. “If the nature of the two councils are very different at any given year, it would help the UAR a lot to have one person who is on both councils,” Ibrahim expressed. Bennett addressed his concern by alluding to a portion of the amendment that states the UAR chairperson must meet with someone from Senate and E-Board twice a month. As a result, Ibrahim’s suggestion did not pass. The motion to amend the bylaws passed 16-0-0.

The Senate meets Tuesday at 8 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.