SIS change prevents alumni access

With the recent introduction of two-factor authentication, alumni are restricted from accessing the Student Information System, preventing alumni from requesting a transcript through SIS. When asked for an official comment and if access was eventually going to be restored, Director of Enterprise Information Services Mary Allice O’Brien confirmed the change is permanent for alumni, clarifying that “Alumni will need to go through the appropriate Administrative Office (Registar or HR) for anything they would have gone to SIS to obtain.” O’Brien also explained that active students or those on Arch-away should have full access to SIS. Students experiencing access issues should contact IT Services and Support Center to seek a resolution.

The change received negative responses by alumni and students in a post on the r/RPI subreddit. Commenters highlighted the inconvenience for accessing unofficial transcripts and HR documentation. To obtain information falling under the purview of the Registrar such as a transcript, go to this link for relevant contact information. To contact HR such as for a W-2, go to this link for the relevant point of contact.