Disabled Students at RPI Dream, RPI Breakdance, RPI BASIC become Union clubs

The Union Executive Board moved to recognize Disabled Students at RPI DREAM and RPI Breakdance Club as Union-recognized clubs. RPI BASIC was also approved as a Union-affiliated club.

Disabled Students at RPI DREAM, or DSR, is a club that advocates for disabled students at Rensselaer. According to their club evaluation sheet, DSR will be the first organization at RPI to represent all disabilities in contrast to the many clubs representing one type of disability. The club had previously sought for Union recognition, but the motion failed 4-11-0 due to a conflict in their constitution.

DSR hopes that they will be able to grow their membership and hold events through club recognition. DSR also seeks to become a chapter of DREAM (Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring), an organization that represents disabled college students. The motion to recognize DSR passed 14-0-0.

RPI Breakdance is a club that focuses on b-boying, otherwise known as breakdancing. The club sought Union recognition to advertise and secure new members. RPI Breakdance captain Maxwell Tang ’23 hinted that the club may hold performances pending how many people decide to join. Currently, RPI Breakdance has six members, three of whom hold club officer positions. The motion to recognize the club passed 14-0-0.

RPI BASIC, which stands for Brothers and Sisters in Christ, is a religious club based off of a non-profit organization by the same name. According to the organization’s website, there are 28 BASIC chapters in New York, including the chapter representing RPI. The club seeks Union affiliation in order to grow their member body and promote BASIC onto campus. Since RPI BASIC is sponsored by the Community Gospel Church in Rensselaer, the club does not require funding from the Union. During the meeting, Graduate Representative Brian Anderson asked how BASIC differed from other Christian associations at RPI. Club leader Alenie Farmer ’22 responded that people should have the opportunity to choose between different Christian organizations regardless of their differences. The motion to recognize RPI BASIC as a Union-affiliated club passed 14-0-0.

In the E-Board’s final motion of the night, the Undergraduate Council proposed a $650 budget usage approval to purchase 16 council uniforms. The motion passed 14-0-0.