union after dark

Squash Mosh neither squished nor smashed expectations

UPAC’s Union After Dark: Squash Mosh featured The Rusty Pipes, Rensselyrics, the dance group Eighth Wonder, and indie-pop band Black Tie Stereo. Attendees were treated to complimentary pumpkin pie, candy, and juice boxes. In addition to watching performances, attendees had the opportunity to paint squash, create sand art, play board games, purchase airbrushed clothing, and participate in the premiere of UPAC’s “Minecraft Hunger Games” competition, which was projected live with commentary for everyone to watch.

Two of Rensselaer's a capella groups kicked off the event. The Rusty Pipes’ cover of Clean Bandit’s “Baby” and the Rensselyrics’ covers of Fun’s “We Are Young” and Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s “You Will Be Found” were crowd favorites. The audience cheered as Eighth Wonder took over the center of the McNeil Room. They performed electric routines to songs including Camila Cabello’s “Senorita” and ITZY’s “BLAH BLAH.”

While waiting for the band members to enter the stage, one student volunteered to tell a joke, and the emcee happily invited him onto the stage. "Two muffins were sitting in an oven," he said as the audience laughed with anticipation. "One said 'It's pretty hot in here, right?" He continued, "The other turned and shouted, 'Oh my god! A talking muffin!" Despite rolling their eyes at the joke, audience members erupted with laughter as Black Tie Stereo stepped onto the stage.

Black Tie Stereo closed the event-filled night with their set. One student wearing pants boldly striped with glow-in-the-dark neon exuberantly danced as Black Tie Stereo performed their originals “Supernatural” and “Miss Romance” and their covers of “Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON and “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers. At the end they played The Office theme in honor of their mutual hometown—Scranton, Pennsylvania. Despite the low turnout, attendees enjoyed themselves—students danced together, sang along, and cheered on friends who were performing.