Album Review

Grande delivers upbeat album despite personal struggles

Ariana Grande’s latest album release, thank u, next is most definitely a bop. Since I started listening to this album a few weeks ago, I haven’t been able to stop. Grande mixes her recent heartbreak with upbeat music, and ultimately creates a soundtrack full of groovy hits.

Due to her popularity, Grande’s private life tends to make the spotlight more often than not. The actress found fame through Nickelodeon, and since then has only risen in the music industry. This past year hasn’t been nice to the singer, who lost a long time ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. At the time, Grande was engaged to Pete Davidson. Soon after Miller’s death, Grande broke off her engagement, asking her audience to allow her time to heal. A month later, the single “thank u, next” was released. Grande mentions her ex-boyfriends in this song, and attempts to convince her fans that she is indeed thriving. Shortly after, the single “7 Rings” was released, which gave the singer a rather good-girl-gone-bad vibe; the music video reinforced this persona.

While I have never been a huge fan of Grande’s music, I did really enjoy listening to this album. Many of the songs blended well together and almost made the album seem like one continuous melody. I was able to leave thank u, next on in the background while focusing on other things. Additionally, Grande has a powerful soprano, which shines through and keeps me engaged.

Although her album proved to be entertaining, Grande’s peppiness in this album seems almost too forced and sudden. I am sure many fans agree with this sentiment and hope that she is doing well with everything that has recently happened. It would be unsettling to enjoy Grande’s music at the price of her sanity. Perhaps, her art is the best way for her to actually heal.

That being said, if you haven’t check out Grande’s latest work, I would highly recommend you do so. It’s a fun time with all its perky beats. You’ll find yourself moving with the music like I did. And, if you find yourself confused about some of the lyrics or intentions Grande has in her songs, well you’re certainly not alone.