Album Review

Debut album provides powerful messages

Cardi B debuted her studio album, Invasion of Privacy, on April 6. A fairly new face, the singer has been gaining much recognition for her bold voice and fearless songs. Like many others, I too have found myself entranced by Cardi B’s energetic music. This album features many well-known singers, including Migos, Chance the Rapper, and 21 Savage, among others. Each singer brings their own twist, and when combined with Cardi B, the music created is powerful to the ears.

Belcalis Almanzar, better known by her stage name, Cardi B, is an upcoming rapper within the American music industry. With a rough young adulthood, Cardi B has had a lot of experience on the streets, which she sings of in her songs. When asked about the significance behind her stage name, she pointed to the famous drink: Bacardi. Though only recently gaining recognition, at this point, those who listen to rap and R&B would most likely know of Cardi B. However, name recognition isn’t the most important aspect, considering people may know of her but aren’t necessarily accepting of her music.

Many compare her to Nicki Minaj, which I consider disrespectful. There is most definitely space in this industry for both of these strong female rappers; both intertwine their own personal stories within their music. I fully agree that Minaj is an amazing rapper, but who said that she holds the only position for a female rapper in this industry? We need more female rappers to inspire our young girls. And so, despite facing some resistance, Cardi B has made a place for herself among other popular rappers with the release of the single “Bodak Yellow.” This single charted highly for a while, and is now part of her first solo album, Invasion of Privacy.

While most of the songs in Invasion of Privacy are enjoyable, my favorite song is “I Like It.” This is the seventh track in the album, and recently has worked its way up onto Spotify’s Top Hits playlist. Right from the start, the beat hooked me. Along with Hispanic-influenced background music, the song features Puerto Rican Latin reggaeton singer Bad Bunny and Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin. Cardi B’s voice is already powerful, so any featured singers only add to the spark, creating an energetic environment.

Another song that stands out is “Best Life,” which is slow, unlike much of Invasion of Privacy. This is the sixth track in the album, featuring the well-known American artist Chance the Rapper. Throughout the song, both singers describe how they’re living their best lives despite what others may think. As inspiring as Cardi B’s breakthrough is, she definitely deserves to celebrate the fame she has achieved.

Altogether, Invasion of Privacy shows off the talented Cardi B with help from various features. If you aren’t familiar with her music, definitely check out her! This album is perfect to put on if you’re looking for something fun and energizing to listen to. I was surprised by how much I ended up enjoying the songs, and have a much deeper appreciation for Cardi B as a result.