Tv Series Review

Cuckoo: unknown and surprising, worth watching

A few weeks ago, I found myself bored scrolling through Netflix. I had just finished the popular show BoJack Horseman, when I came across Cuckoo. With such a unique name, I was drawn to watch the trailer, which featured one of my favorite comedic television actors, Andy Samberg. Now, as I finish up season four of Cuckoo, I am realizing that many people are unaware that this show even exists.

Based in the United Kingdom, Cuckoo follows the story of Rachel—an intelligent, future medical school student—who meets the love of her life in Thailand. She takes a gap year, and comes home married, much to the dismay of her parents. Her husband, played by Andy Samberg, goes by Cuckoo because he does not believe in names or labels. As his name implies, Cuckoo gets the family involved in some interesting events during season one, which I really enjoyed.

I think it’s safe (and obvious from Netflix’s many promos) to announce that Andy Samberg leaves the show after season one. Many fans complained about this due to Samberg’s hilarious performance. He is replaced by Taylor Lautner, who brings his own style of comedy to the plot. I was initially taken aback at this transition, but grew to love Lautner’s character, Dale. Even without Samberg, the show doesn’t fail to amuse—each character’s story is well developed. And, as the show continues, it becomes clear that the main character is not Rachel or Cuckoo, but rather the father of the household, Ken. His relationship with his family, neighbors, and work associates drives the story in a humorous manner.

If you haven’t heard of Cuckoo or are looking for a lighthearted show to watch, I would highly recommend it. It surprised me, and I find myself coming back to it periodically. From silly suburban issues to bigger more philosophical questions, there is definitely something to enjoy for everyone.