Movie Review

Blockers offers more

UPAC Cinema hosted a free pre-screening of the upcoming Universal Pictures feature, Blockers. Starring John Cena and Leslie Mann, this movie follows three parents as they set out to ruin their daughters’ prom night. While the movie is comedic on the surface, with silly and crude references, it has a much deeper message of the strength of family, which, as a fan of family drama, I thoroughly enjoyed.

Set in Illinois, the plot consists of three families whose daughters are best friends, and therefore, as is unrealistically depicted in many movies, the parents are also close. The three best friends, Julie, Kayla, and Sam, are preparing for the biggest night of their young lives: senior prom. This is their last hurrah before college, and they fully intend on making the night count—nothing’s going to get in their way. But of course, when do things actually go as planned? Just as the girls leave for prom, three of the parents get a glimpse of the girls’ plans for the night, and set out on their own adventure to stop the girls from “ruining their lives.”

While the overall story is about the three best friends, the main characters arguably are actually three of the parents. John Cena, well known as a professional wrestler and for his roles in comedies, plays Mitchell, Kayla’s father. His sidekicks are Lisa, Julie’s mother, and Hunter, Sam’s father, portrayed by Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz respectively. Personally, I enjoyed watching these three parents go through a series of unfortunate events. The scenes are silly, which is exactly what I was expecting from such a movie. However, I was surprised that it hinted at a more hidden message. 

Nested within a lot of goofiness is the struggle each parent faces as their children grow up. No parent wants to admit that their child is old enough to make their own decisions. However, not every parent is depicted as super controlling or clingy. Kayla’s mother, Marcie, is a very strong female character, and in my opinion, the only true feminist role model for the three best friends. I appreciate characters like Marcie, because they add to the depth of the movie by showing that not all parents have to be restrictive of their children’s actions. But rather, parents differ in the way they communicate with their children, and, most of the time, they mean well.

Altogether, this movie provides comedic relief through a series of unfortunate events and shares a message of family bonding. If you are looking for a not-so-child-friendly laugh, and also love mushy family drama, definitely be sure to check out Blockers