Movie Review

The Incredibles sequel highlights creativity through storytelling

After fourteen years of anticipation, Pixar finally released the sequel to the beloved film, The Incredibles. Following the same family from the first film, The Incredibles 2 offers a new plot with many humorous moments. Reminding me of my childhood with its familiar soundtrack, the movie—in the cheesiest sense—was definitely incredible and worth the wait.

The story starts with the crime-fighting Incredibles family, comprised of Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and their three resourceful children: Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. The family has a new adventure in store for them. This time, their problems can’t be solved by using their powers, but rather by hiding them. With the ban of superheroes, the Incredibles are forced to live normal lives. However, an opportunity arises for Elastigirl to advocate for superhero legalization, leaving Mr. Incredible a stay-at-home dad. This is where the fun really begins, as Mr. Incredible learns how to balance three children, along with his own desire to get back to work.

The first time I saw The Incredibles, I was about six years old. I remember enjoying it. With the release of the sequel, I realize now that maybe I don’t appreciate the franchise as much as others do. This is definitely an unpopular opinion and in no way discredits the creativity of the new film. It was still fantastic for a first time viewing, but I did not pick up on as many details as my friends did. There are subtle differences within character animation that bothered my friends as they watched The Incredibles 2 for the first time. Be warned: if you are a diehard fan of the original film and have seen it numerous times, you are most likely going to notice these animation changes. However, don’t let this take away from your experience. I went in without having seen The Incredibles in many years, and I’m happy I did so. I wasn’t distracted from the plot, and thoroughly enjoyed the creatively outlined story.

With an objective lens, The Incredibles 2 has decent character development throughout the film, and focuses on a well-thought-out plot. The characters are funny and unique, and come to life on the big screen. Pixar delivered this new story very well, just as they had promised they would. So, if you’re looking to go back to being a kid for two hours, go check out The Incredibles 2. Don’t let all the children sitting next to you in the theater stop you from reliving your childhood! Remember, this is more for us than it is for them. After all, we were the original fans.