Babes in Troyland full of treasures

This Sunday, I ventured through the snow into Downtown Troy in search of the Takk House, which was home to Babes in Troyland for the weekend. Hosted by Troy Flea, this holiday fair essentially served as a themed counterpart to the market that takes place during the summer months at Riverfront Park.

For me and many other people I spoke to throughout the day, it was a tease of how nice it would be to have the Troy Flea held year-round. The vendors and location were different, but the uniqueness and variety of items, pleasant atmosphere, and the friendliness of everyone present were all the same.

In the midst of all the stress associated with the end of the semester, Babes in Troyland was a refreshing break; it reminded me how much I love mingling at these kinds of community events. I completely forgot how easy it is to start talking to a person who is selling something she made or found somewhere. There are so many stories, and they are almost always worth hearing. (It is also perfect for people who are intimidated by spontaneous conversation, but want to get better at it. I used to be in that position, but because of events like these it’s now something that I thoroughly enjoy.)

I generally love holiday markets for gift shopping, and Babes in Troyland was no exception. There were tons of neat, handmade items, including lotions, candles, bowties, miniature carved pots, and rings a man made from buttons when his wife’s collection started getting out of hand. Near the entrance, there was also one woman stationed at a typewriter who sold antique-looking poetry that she created on the spot. Other vendors focused more on items that they found at auctions or in other “special places,” with assortments of pins, vinyl records, comics, drinking sets, and vintage clothing scattered throughout the entire market.

To top it all off, The Ruck was set up in the main market room, Lost Highway Coffee Co. upstairs, and Monya’s Confectionery near the entrance, along with a few other food vendors placed around the building.

I almost didn’t go to Babes in Troyland since it was snowy and cold and I had way too much work to do, but I’m so glad that I did. Considering it’s only its third year, I’m excited to see how this event continues to grow, and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for it next year.