Engineers maintain undefeated status

THE RENSSELAER ENGINEERS CONTINUED their streak, after defeating Western New England University on Saturday. (file photo)

The Engineers improved their winning streak to three games on Saturday with a victory against Western New England ending with a score of 31–14. The game was tight to begin, but the Engineers pulled ahead in the second quarter and continued to hold the lead through the rest of the game. The contest saw several impressive plays by the Engineers, which clearly translated into the final score.

Three minutes into the first quarter, the Engineers kicked off scoring with running back Johnny Ramsdell ’18 receiving a short pass from quarterback Eddie Trimpert ’19 and running 37 yards to the end zone. Christian Kapp ’19 took the kick for another point, bringing the score to 7–0. The Golden Bears responded with a touchdown and field goal seven minutes later, tying up the score.

The second quarter of the game pressed on without either side scoring for eight minutes. Finally, running back Nick Cella ’19 came through with a 98-yard rush to a touchdown. Kapp followed this once again with a connecting field goal kick, bringing the Engineers to 14–7. Running back Ethan Wells ’18 and Kapp were then able to follow this two minutes later with yet another field goal and kick. At the end of the second quarter, the score was 21–7 with the Engineers on top.

The third quarter saw touchdowns by both teams; RPI’s running back Maliek Kelly ’20 scored the first touchdown at five minutes in, while Western New England scored with just two minutes left in the quarter.

From this point on, the Engineers kept the Golden Bears at bay during the fourth quarter, with neither team getting an advantage until late into the quarter. The Engineers were able to gain control of the ball for the final score of the game—a 32-yard field goal by Kapp.

This game saw several impressive performances by the Engineers, including 116 total passing yards by quarterback Ed Trimpet ’20, who completed 4 out of 12 passes, and wide receiver Keaton Ackerman ’19 receiving twice for 79 yards.