RPI Photo Club opens prompt-based gallery

TREVOR MAXFIELD’S PHOTO WAS crowned the best interpretation of the “Us” theme.

On Wednesday, April 5, the RPI Photo Club opened their photo gallery in the Shelnutt Gallery of the Rensselaer Union. The gallery showcased 43 pictures by 22 photographers, all following the theme of “Us” (Universe and Sphere). Each member submitted photos that fit the following prompt: “Every day we are confronted with interactions that range from deeply personal to decidedly apathetic, both in person and through digital communication. As the Internet becomes more pervasive into life itself, the phenomenon of establishing and fostering relationships devoid of ‘human’ contact is no longer considered talking to strangers. At the same time, it is easier than ever before to be immersed in a world populated by copies of your own self despite being surrounded by other realities. In an effort to align the multiple roles in which we live our lives—a citizen, a student, a social member, an individual—this exhibit provokes a consideration of what one finds to be truly central to their being (sphere) reflected against their perception of the collective whole (universe). The exhibit is then a vignette looking inward to the ‘I’ and looking outward to the ‘we’ to visualize a holistic picture of us.

The photos all varied based on the photographer’s interpretation of the prompt. Some chose very busy images with a lot to look at, while others opted for calm and focused images. All of the photos in the gallery were very unique, yet they all tied in to the theme very well. When I first arrived, I walked around the room and saw the photos but didn’t identify the theme—it was later brought to my attention. With the theme in mind, I again walked through the gallery, this time paying more attention to how each could be interpreted as either a universe or a sphere.