New starter budgets for student clubs pass

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Travis Apgar joined the Executive Board for the start of their meeting last Thursday. Apgar was there to answer questions from the E-Board in light of the resignation of Dr. Frank E. Ross III. As requested by President Shirley Ann Jackson, Apgar told the Board that he would be taking on some of the responsibilities of the vice president for student life while Rensselaer searches for a replacement. Ines Roman ’17 asked about the status of the vacant director of the Rensselaer Union position. Apgar said that the school is working with William Spelman Executive Search to fill the position. There are currently candidates the school sees as good fits, and Apgar said he would follow up with President of the Union Chip Kirchner ’17 to coordinate on-campus interviews involving students.

Next, Louie Olivieri ’18 and Ranger Beguelin ’18 from club hockey came to the E-Board to ask for funding to attend nationals in Ohio over Spring Break. The total cost of the trip for the team was calculated to be $13,710. The cost was reduced to $3,896 due to club contingencies and money club hockey raised themselves and did not spend the previous fiscal year. Member of the E-Board were excited about how well the team had performed this season, and, given that members of the team already pay around $1,000 in club dues, voted to fund the trip.

Members of Sangam Club Priyanka Raju ’17 and Shruthi Perati ’17 came to the E-Board seeking to become a fully funded club. Sangam is a form of traditional Indian dance, described as “ballet of Indian classical dance.” The purpose of becoming recognized is to help offset the cost of traveling to both competition and events in the area, including the Festival of Nations in Albany. The club was asking for $300, $100 more than the traditional starter budget. The $100 was to help pay for the traditional costumes worn during the performance. The E-Board approved a $200 starter budget for Sangam, and an additional $100 to purchase costumes for the club.

With club business satisfied, the Board moved to discussion about the Activities Fair in the fall. It was proposed that the Activities Fair be moved to the second Saturday of classes, and also be moved to the East Campus Athletic Village, rather than the Armory where it has previously been held. The reason for moving date and location is due to increasing class size. It is expected that more students will be taking evening classes, causing a Thursday night Activities Fair to be an inconvenient time for many freshmen. In addition, the Armory was filled to capacity during the last Activities Fair, requiring a larger space for next year’s event. Marketing and Publicity chairperson Conrad Mossl ’17 explained that, while not ideal location-wise, ECAV is the only campus facility that could contain all of the Union’s clubs in one event. The proposed date, September 9, does not conflict with any athletic events, and, says Chris Hoskins ’17, shuttles from the Union to ECAV should be available. The Board unanimously approved the change.