Student Veterans Association visits E-Board

GLOBAL MEDICAL BRIGADES RECEIVED a subsidy for travel to JFK Airport (file photo).

To begin last week’s Executive Board meeting, Student Veterans Association members Jason Aman ’17 and Stephen Onley ’19 came before the E-Board to talk about the proposed Student Veterans’ Lounge. Aman and Onley emphasized that “we want to feel like we’re a part of a community the moment we step on campus, and that’s what a veterans’ room can do.” They made the analogy of the freshman residence halls and how meeting people in similar situations helps with the transition.

Ciera Williams ’17 asked what a veterans’ lounge might look like, wondering if it would be more of a lounge or a study space. Aman said that it would be up to whoever was using it at the time, and that the only strict requirement is handicap accessibility. Conrad Mossl ’17 asked what the busiest times for the space might be. Both felt that a veterans’ lounge would have utilization throughout the day, with members coming in before classes, between classes, and even using the space after class to work on group projects. Lastly, Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 asked about their veterans’ lounge replacement. Currently, they have a system they call “veterans’ lounge of the day,” where one member will find a study space on campus that is used by the veterans association throughout the day as an unofficial meeting spot.

The E-Board thanked Aman and Onley for coming in to talk with them. There was no motion made regarding further progress on the veterans’ lounge.

Next, Lucas Miller ’19 and Nicole Clancy ’17 from Colleges Against Cancer came before the E-Board for the approval of a fundraising event to be held at Harkness Track on March 4. The group is calling this event Laps for Life, and will feature a raffle as the main draw. Each time a participant makes a lap around the track, he or she will receive a raffle ticket for the event. Colleges Against Cancer is charging an admission fee of $20, which will cover the cost of the t-shirt received upon entry. The E-Board approved this request.

Medical Brigades came to the E-Board requesting a subsidy for a bus to the John F. Kennedy Airport, which turned out to be more expensive than originally estimated. Each year, the club takes a trip to Panama to help those in need. With the cost of the trip reaching just over $1,900 per person, Medical Brigades did not want to impose any further cost on its members to cover the bus. The E-Board approved their $1,644 subsidy request 14-0-1.

To finish out the meeting, Erica Lane ’18 motioned to withdraw the communications motion passed the previous week, which established a communications committee for the E-Board. The Student Senate, which is required to approve E-Board’s bylaw changes, ruled the motion out of order. Since the purpose for the communications motion is being resolved through other means within Student Government, the E-Board voted unanimously to repeal the motion.