Recyclemania promotes collegiate competition

Does your dorm have a convenient recycling system? Many people know about RPI’s single stream recycling, but sometimes it’s faster to just throw things in the trash. In an effort to make recycling simple for students, members of the Student Sustainability Task Force and Ecologic handed out free recycle bins to students living on campus. These bins, provided by Environment and Site Services, were given out in anticipation of a large, nationwide recycling competition called Recyclemania. This competition spans the United States and Canada, and pits college campuses against each other to see which campus has the most recycling per person. RPI will face some tough competition from the other schools, which include our rival Union College! Recyclemania officially starts Monday, February 6 and goes until Friday, April 1. During each week of the competition, County Waste, RPI’s waste hauler, will measure how much we have recycled as a campus. If you care about the environment, want to see RPI win, or just want to beat Union, then recycle as much as you can during the next few months! We hope that you will join in on the competition and recycle as many recyclable materials as possible!