Editorial Notebook

Familial love is a permanent, enduring love

Valentine's Day may not always have a fairy tale ending, but love is about more than romance

As Valentine’s Day approaches each year, I always witness two prevailing attitudes: one of fullness, and one of emptiness. For those who feel as though emptiness has taken their heart hostage this year, know that there is one source of love that has existed since you entered this world that will exist indefinitely. This love is the love that comes from family, and it promises to fill what may at times feel like an incurably deep void inside. Whether or not you have a loved one to shower with gifts and affection this year, there are people in your life who wish to do those things for you, and those people come from your family.

The thought of the nearing Valentine’s Day, although it has now passed, tends to instigate a quest for love among the weary hearted, leaving them unfulfilled until they achieve their romantic vision. However, as fate would have it, many of these quests fail. As much as we tell ourselves to believe that every lovelorn story has a fairy tale ending, that simply isn’t the case, and the outcome is anything but happy. Suddenly, a day that was once about love becomes a day of loss and sadness. Yet even through heartache, pain, and the threat of failure shines a light of hope that reminds us all is not lost.

I vouch to claim that a family’s love endures through everything. Even when it seems like there is no chance of finding companionship, family love conquers all doubt. It distinguishes itself in the form of phone calls, greeting cards, occasional care packages, and the like. These are important reminders that you are not alone.

If you haven’t already done so, take a moment to remind your family that you love them. Drop them a line. Surprise them with a belated Valentine’s Day gift; food and other merchandise is likely to be discounted now. Show them that you care, just as they have cared, and will continue to care for you.