Hello Internet piques interest

DR. BRADY HARAN, ALONG WITH CGP GRAY, PRODUCE Hello Internet, a podcast of their trains of thought.

When two people with extensive interest in somewhat obscure subjects come together to talk, you’ve got yourself an excellent podcast. Hello Internet is, in my opinion, the epitome of the “two dudes talking” podcast genre, if you can call it a genre. What started out as an audio experiment between two YouTube friends, CGPGrey and Brady Haran, has blossomed into unique masterpiece of the podcasting world.

Hello Internet, while not about nothing, isn’t about anything in particular. On any given day, the two might discuss vexillology, YouTuber problems, voting systems, or any other number of unusual topics. Brady might need to bring up a “paper cut,” a term he uses to describe small annoyances in his life, while Grey quietly sighs and listens to the story. This polarity is what makes the pair so great together: Brady is the outgoing, empathetic extravert, while Grey counters with calculating, introspective observation. When opposites collide, cool stuff tends to happen.

While listening to this podcast, I feel like an observer of the conversation—and I mean that in a good way. Grey and Brady don’t bring in outside guests to discuss issues or shake things up, instead create an atmosphere of casual, yet thorough conversation. Brady, with his former BBC experience, is skillful at opening new doors and provoking ideas not previously considered, while Grey discusses, and sometimes argues, from well thought, logical standpoints. For many of the topics discussed on the show, I would have given a shrug and a “meh” to them on any given day. Hello Internet can easily get me invested in a topic I would have otherwise passed on.

Through time, the show has developed a personality of its own. We think of cult movies like Office Space and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I think it’s safe to call this a “cult podcast.” I implore you to give the first episode a try, especially if you follow Brady or Grey on YouTube already. Put it on when you have a good chunk of time to listen, and if you enjoy the personalities, the show only goes up from there.