Poly crew explores Troy’s latest sushi joint

REVIEWERS ALL ENJOYED the sushi offered at Unagi, but also agreed that it was a bit too far out of their price range to eat constantly.

Rex’s review:

To be quite honest, two things at this restaurant stood out to me: the setting and the price. It is easily the most eye-grabbing shop on the street—its windows are lined with colored Christmas lights which, while not cohesive with the rest of the restaurant atmosphere, breathe life into the space. Otherwise, Unagi had a very relaxed, intimate ambiance, similar to the kind found at Troy’s Illium Cafe or Whistling Kettle. Its prices are outside the range of a college student’s budget; our party of four only managed to afford the Sushi Dinner for Two (three six-piece rolls and 16 pieces of sushi for $50) through a Groupon discount.

Everything else about this establishment was quite normal. The sushi was of an average quality, as was the service and the selection. I can’t speak for the specialty rolls, but considering that this Capital District restaurant labels itself as fusion, I’m inclined to believe that is where their strength lies. While I wouldn’t personally frequent here—it simply isn’t practical for a college student—I highly recommend Unagi Sushi for a special night out with a loved one.

Jonathan’s review:

I was quite excited after reading about Unagi’s opening over this past winter break. It felt refreshing to have another sushi place in the Troy area that didn’t serve sushi out of plastic containers (looking at you Father’s). I’ve had great sushi, and I’ve had not-so-great sushi, so my expectations for Unagi fell somewhere in the middle.

Walking in, Unagi’s atmosphere felt relaxed and comfortable. We were promptly seated (after making a reservation, which I highly recommend) in the traditional Japanese zashiki style. Looking at the menu, Unagi had something for every sushi lover: traditional rolls like California and Philadelphia, and larger sashimi dishes for those with a desire for a more refined taste.

After trying both the sashimi with a California and Philadelphia roll, I got what I expected: sushi that didn’t blow me away, but wasn’t substandard either. The assortment of rolls that came with the “Sushi for Two” was excellent, and the portion size was fantastic.

For dessert, we tried the ice cream tempura and mochi ice cream, both of which were amazing. The ice cream tempura was lightly fried just right, but was a little oily, which distracted from the ice cream’s richness. The mochi ice cream, my personal favorite, was a great way to end the meal.

All in all, as Rex said above, Unagi was a great casual place with above average sushi, but can easily be out of the typical college student’s price range (although great for the occasional date or other social outing).

Joey’s review:

As someone who had never tried sushi that did not come out of a plastic container, the opportunity to visit a “real” sushi restaurant was exciting. This excitement increased upon entering Unagi. I was very impressed with the modern interior and the pleasant atmosphere. Our group was seated in a more traditional setting, on pillows next to a low japanese table. This added to my impression of the restaurant.

After being seated, we began to order. I purchased myself a Pepsi, which came out to a whopping $3.50, and our group ordered a sushi for two dinner. I was personally very impressed with the sushi, even at the high price point, although I am only comparing it to grocery store sushi. As a college student with a limited budget, however, regular visits to Unagi are impossible. Without a coupon or other discount, I would not say the price justifies the amount of food you receive. However, I would recommend Unagi to anyone who is looking for a high quality sushi place with a good atmosphere, and I personally will be revisiting it in the near future with some friends.

Maria’s review:

After hearing mixed reviews from friends about Unagi, I decided it was time for me to test it out! The location is across from I Love Pizza on Fourth Street, and Unagi is the best lit building on the block, with rainbow lights in the windows. After fellow reviewer Rex told us we had a ground table reserved, I didn’t quite pick up on the fact that we were actually going to sit at ground-level. I’ve never sat at a traditional short-legged Japanese table, and with that came a bad back the following day because I wasn’t used to it. This was a unique setting that made the meal more authentic.

For the sushi, it’s just like any typical sushi restaurant—served all fancied up on a fancy plate. It was good, but nothing too extraordinary. If I were to go again, I would definitely try their specialty rolls, rather than the basic rolls and sushi we ordered, such as the California and Philadelphia rolls.