Students appreciate educational evolution

Hi, RPI!

As many of you may know, Linda Teitelman McCloskey, the founding director of the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development, retired last week. In her roles on campus, she was a mentor and teacher to student leaders and worked hard to advocate on behalf of all students and on behalf of the Rensselaer Union. Linda was truly a transformative force at RPI. She began working in the Union as director of student activities in 1984 and not long after, she and student leaders in the Union formed what would later become the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development. The Archer Center went on to become a national model for leadership instruction at colleges and universities.

Representatives from across the country flocked to RPI to learn about what Linda had created and how to build something similar at their own schools. Today, the Archer Center is an integral part of educating engineering and management students in the classroom and provides many more opportunities for extracurricular learning and practice of leadership. It’s safe to say that without the hard work Linda gave to RPI, our education would not be the same as it is today and not as valuable to our future as professionals. Out of genuine appreciation for the impact she has had on RPI and her outstanding work with students in the Union, the Rensselaer Union Executive Board and I would like to thank Linda for all that she has done for us and for the many students who have attended and have yet to attend RPI. Thank you Linda. Have a happy retirement!

In other news, this weekend we will be celebrating Family Weekend at RPI. Not only is this is a weekend for spending time with your families and showing them around campus it’s also packed with opportunities to see what clubs in the Union put together every year. This Friday evening, UPAC Comedy will be hosting comedian Brett Druck in the McNeil Room beginning at 8 pm. Simultaneously, the RPI Players and Sheer Idiocy will be hosting performances of their own, both beginning at 8 pm Friday. The next morning, International Festival begins at 11 am with over 25 student groups celebrating their heritages through food, education, and performances. This showcase is an incredible cultural exchange that exemplifies the rich background of all of RPI’s students and student groups. But wait, there’s more! On Sunday beginning at 9 am 151st Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 and I will be hosting the annual GM/PU Breakfast in the Union. All of these events just barely scratch the surface of the totality of Family Weekend and I encourage everyone to go online and look up the Family Weekend 2016 schedule at to see everything it has to offer. Clubs in the Union make up a good portion of the events and we should all support our fellow students’ hard work in hosting these events.