Sole Survivor becomes Union recognized

Campus group brings awareness to sexual assault, provide victims with resources at RPI

MEMBERS OF SOLE SURVIVOR SIT before the Executive Board to explain their role in helping sexual assault victims.

The Rensselaer Union Executive Board began their meeting Thursday, October 13 by approving the constitution of the RPI Interplanetary Society. They are now an official Union-recognized club.

A new organization known as Sole Survivors has come to RPI’s campus. They were the group responsible for raising awareness for sexual assault victims on October 7 in the form of a campus-wide campaign. This campaign included spray-painting footprints on walkways and selling merchandise. The event raised about $500. President and cofounder Erin Berube ’18 accompanied by vice president and cofounder Bethany Hanson ’18 represented the group in their pursuit of Union recognition.

The purpose of Sole Survivor is to raise support and awareness for sexual assault victims and to show solidarity to those individuals. Berube and Hanson made it clear that while the group can direct victims to the proper resources, they themselves do not have the resources to rehabilitate victims.

Berube and Hanson expressed their future plans, which included teaming up with RPI Athletics for events such as “Take Back the Night” and home games to help raise funds and awareness. They stated that their ultimate goal is to “bridge the gap between students and the professional resources” and to “start the conversation” on sexual assault. The motion to approve Sole Survivors as a Union-recognized club was passed unanimously.

As a token of their gratitude, the E-Board approved the motion to have a portrait made for Linda Teitelman McCloskey. This portrait will be placed in the north lobby of the Union beside the portrait of Rick Hart ’70, former director of the Union. The members of the Executive Board have chosen to have this gift made in honor of the great impact her tenure has had on the campus.