Freshmen complete voting membership of E-Board

Committees still seeking passionate students

Hello RPI!

As I mentioned last week, the Executive Board has four new members; last Monday two voting members were confirmed by the Student Senate, and last Thursday two non-voting members were confirmed by the E-Board. So, as of last Thursday, the E-Board is officially complete! This does not mean we aren’t looking for help, however. The committees of the E-Board are always looking for interested members of the Rensselaer Union to help complete projects. The E-Board has five standing committees—Union Programs and Activities Committee, Policies Committee, Marketing Advertisement and Publicity Committee, Business Operations Committee, Union Annual Report Committee, and Student Government Communications Committee. These committees all work very hard to provide students with access to information, input on operational procedures, assistance with club outreach, and valuable campus experiences. Their work is vital in supporting the Union and a meaningful way to contribute to a student-run organization that provides so much to all students on campus. I’d ask everyone to consider joining a committee. Committee descriptions, meeting times, meeting locations, and contact info can be downloaded at Congratulations again to Ananya Murali ’20, Anissa Choiniere ’20, Majken Rasmussen ’20, and Caitlin Kennedy ’20 on their addition to the Union Executive Board!

Last week the the Policies Committee presented on the creation of a policy that formally outlines special concessions granted to protected groups of students when forming a club related to their protected status. After discussion with the E-Board, the draft policy was sent back to the committee for further review and editing. The policy will be discussed tonight, Wednesday, September 28, at a meeting of the Policies Committee at 7 pm in the Student Government Suite. I encourage any interested students to attend and provide their input to the committee with regards to the policy.

Lastly, Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 and I had another meeting with Vice President for Student Life Dr. Frank E. Ross on Friday, September 23 regarding the Director of the Union position and its reporting structure within the Division of Student Life. Our meeting was very productive and the three of us continue to discuss and voice concerns toward the issues at hand. Dr. Ross, as always, was very respectful and receptive to the concerns Paul and I raised and we plan on continuing the conversation with him. After further discussion we hope to come to a resolution and shift our focus to improving the Rensselaer Union and what it provides to the student body.

Chip Kirchner

127th President of the Union