Start of meeting delayed due to lack of quorum

After reaching quorum, Senate learns uses of Club Management System

GRAND MARSHAL PAUL ILORI AWARDS a ceremonial belt to the Senate Member of the Week. This week, Class of 2019 Senator Pamela Pulla ‘19 received it for making quorum.

The Student Senate was unable to begin official business at the start of the meeting due to a lack of quorum. Grand Marshal Paul Ilori ’17 explained that a number of senators were either in review sessions, tests, or extremely sick.

In the meantime, the present senators went through committee reports. Rules & Elections chairperson Hannah Rabinowitz ’17 reminded the Senate that Freshman Elections would be taking place next Tuesday, October 4, and that senators are encouraged to sign up for poll sitting.

The Academic Affairs Committee recently met with Vice Provost Linda Schadler to discuss changes to the core curriculum, including restructuring the humanities requirements and how humanities courses are categorized.

The Student Life Committee recently met with Vice President for Administration Claude Rounds for more discussion on clustered access, the proposed compromise to universal access. Chairperson Justin Etzine ’18 said that Rounds was apprehensive of the idea, but interested in restoring multiple access points to residence halls.

After committee reports, enough senators had arrived at the meeting for the Senate’s only agenda item to begin: a presentation of the Club Management System by Ilori.

Ilori said that individuals had been asking him questions about CMS, so he decided to create a presentation on its uses.

He went over how to log in to the system, how to view email lists and modify them, adding or removing emails, and demonstrated where to find the budget of clubs that the individual has access to.

The Senate was encouraged to use CMS to create mailing lists for all of the Senate’s committees. Ilori said that the general Senate mailing list should be used for topics relating to the entire Senate, and that committee-specific topics should go through their respective mailing lists.

With no new items of business to discuss, the meeting adjourned.