Students plan for Town Hall event

Despite attempts to be taken seriously, administrative staff dismisses students

To my fellow Rensselaer students,

If given a single word to describe RPI students, in the past there was only one word: apathy. This week, that stereotype has been completely and utterly demolished by the combined efforts of the Rensselaer student body.

This week, social media sites were on fire with criticisms, comments, and questions; students engaged in serious discussions and went to forums; students spoke with student leaders, faculty members, and administrative staff; and students took it upon themselves to not only plan for the Town Hall event, but to create a movement to carry the ideas of this week farther than just Wednesday.

The Rensselaer student body has shown that we want to be taken seriously. Today, the packed forum in Academy Hall ended with the student body still desperately trying to ask questions.Hands waved as the event was closed, and there was never a quiet moment. There is no doubt that between the climate that has developed this week and the Facebook event advertising the Town Hall tomorrow, that the student body will be out in full force today at 3 pm.

I take this moment to remind you that we are only as strong as our unity. The Union is the combination of our athletes, our Greeks, our goddamn independents, our club officers, our club members, and our ne’er-do-wells. If we truly want to save the Union, then all of us will need to work together. With unity, we can save the Rensselaer Union.


Emi Phillips ’17