Spring Break and other wonderful related things

In less than two weeks, this harsh, cold, unforgiving, snow-filled “winter” will come to an end. With it arrives the season of flowers, warmth, Spring Break, and way, way too much pollen. To celebrate, The Poly would like to go over some of our favorite Spring-related things.

The first is an easy one: Spring Break! No classes, traveling to warm places, avoiding class, getting to see family and friends, professors refusing to hold classes, and there’s no class! Seriously, though, people get wild. Have some tact while you’re on break even though there is no class.

Moving on, spring cleaning is a very important part of Spring. It’s a good time to shovel out all the junk you’ve accumulated over the past year or so and start fresh. The Poly is going through some spring cleaning, courtesy of our own Stephanie Kern-Allely ’18, and the office is looking great! We finally picked up all the food and papers from the floor, which has really made the office flow better. We’re sure she put a great deal of thought into the feng shui of the room.

To all the gymnasts reading the Staff Editorial, this one’s for you! Springboards are spring things! It’s got “spring” in the name; therefore, they must be related. Right in line with springboards are spring constants. Hey, don’t leave! We’re not going to make you solve a Physics 1 problem, we promise. It’s just important to remember that Hooke’s law is F = -kx. Don’t forget that, or you might disappoint the physics buff in your life. If you personally own a springboard, you could probably use Hooke’s law to find the spring constant. Nothing like applying what we learn in class to critical, real-world situations.

The last thing on our spring-related list is—drum roll please—spring rolls! The wildly popular dim sum dish has been treating us for years, so we decided to return the favor with this tribute. All the best things about spring rolled into one food. So fragrant. So fresh. So greasy.

Happy Spring!