New clubs, subsidies approved

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS VOTE on the RPI Wrestling Team’s request for new warmup jerseys.

The Executive Board meeting opened Thursday, March 3, with an appeal for funds from the RPI Wrestling Team. Their requested sum was $2,792 for 20 warmup jackets, which would remain the property of the Rensselaer Union.

Wrestling team representatives informed the E-Board that the warm-ups, uniform-like jackets to wear during warm-up periods, would help the team better represent RPI while allowing their appearance to be more uniform and presentable.

The club is interested in having these warm-ups regularly changed in the future and were welcome to the suggestion of setting up a reserve account. The motion to approve this subsidy was approved in an 11-0-1 vote.

The on-campus radio station, WRPI, appealed to the E-Board to transfer funds from their intended accounts towards the purchase of automation software and a supporting server, costing $2,300 and $1,700, respectively.

Automation software will allow pre-recorded broadcasts and a log of music to play during hours when DJs will not be present to air live.

The accounts that they request the money to be transferred from are dedicated to live room repairs and music tracking supplies. The motion to reallocate these funds was approved 9-1-2.

RPI’s Design Collective appeared before the E-Board interested in having their name changed to Design for America and to approve their new constitution and affiliation with the national organization.

Founded in 2012, DeCo is a group with their projects focusing on visual and human centric design with students of all disciplines and interest participating. The club’s activity faltered in 2013 and was revamped in 2014.

The motion to approve DeCo’s new constitution and to allow their name change was unanimously agreed upon with a 12-0-0 vote.

Jiaying Yu ’17 and Elias Tonias ’17 appeared before the E-Board as representatives of a new club called the Conversation Corner and Mandarin Club, seeking Union recognition and affiliation for their club.

CCMC connects students who speak English with students who speak Mandarin and teach both parties how to speak each other’s languages. Not only will this club serve as a way to bridge the language barrier some foreign students face, but it will also help English-speaking students recognize the complex culture of their fellow non-English-speaking peers.

The vote to approve the Conversation Corner and Mandarin club as a Union-affiliated club and to approve their constitution was passed 12-0-0.

The meeting adjourned after the Director of the Union, Student Senate, and President of the Union’s reports.