Get the inside scoop at Senate meetings

While you’re there, you can also contribute to the wide range of projects and ideas on the table

Hello RPI students,

Last week in Senate we discussed some of our ongoing projects, had two presentations, and discussed a petition by students. Our projects, in no particular order, included work to develop resources for students to obtain fellowships and graduate study support, research information (so that obtaining research opportunities is easier as an undergraduate), a project involving the New York Times or local news to broadcast students, meal plan recommendations for the next year, advertising our petitions website (, laptop programs that are designed for your major’s technological needs, regulations regarding beer available to students for events, and repair of web resources.

Jen Walters, the director of the Center for Career and Professional Development came to the Student Senate meeting to discuss the resources available for students, as well as feedback on what services the CCPD can provide help with navigating career paths. We had a presentation from Jon Finke, who works in the Department of the Chief Information Officer of RPI, on the current state of a project from the Academic Affairs Committee. This project is the Online Syllabus Catalog, which is a tool to help students organize their classes for registration based on their career goals and understanding of upcoming course material. We had a demo in the meeting, and we look forward to having this service available to the entire student body. If you’re interested in providing resources like this to the student body, come talk to us, our meetings are open to everyone! This includes our committee meetings, where most of our work is done. Our meetings are at 7 pm on Tuesday evenings. Next week’s article will include my discussion of what happened on November 3.

I had the chance last night to speak to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee about Summer Arch, but I also had the chance to listen to what they had as their own agenda items, and what they would like to do in the RPI community. I hope that everyone can take the time to appreciate the hard work and dedication that our athletes put into their competitions, and the pride that they generate for us as students at Rensselaer.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend, and as always, UNION SUCKS!