Staff Editorial: Involvement is key

RPI’s campus offers a wide range of opportunities on a day to day basis. Although during the winter months it can feel like a desolate landscape, there is always a club or organization that has something going on. There are over 160 clubs and students organizations that offer activities for all interests, ranging from multicultural clubs to sports to video games. Clubs are a great way to make new friends and partake in new experiences. Fraternities and sororities are also a great way to find new friends. Currently, there are plenty of rush events happening, so you can get to know the different fraternities and sororities. By joining clubs, many people make lifelong friends while gaining valuable community and leadership experience that helps them later in life.

Even if joining a club or organization isn’t your thing, try to make some time in your schedule to go to shows and performances that groups put on. Many organizations, including the Players, Sheer Idiocy, and our four a Capella groups, among others, have shows and performances throughout the semester. They would love to have your support for all the hard work they put in, so go and appreciate what your peers are proud of!

Although it feels easier to hide in your room and exclude yourself from the world, we truly encourage you to put yourself out there, if only for just a little bit. If you can’t find something that interests you, maybe it’s time to start the Never Leave Your Room Club. Meetings are never and attendance is strongly discouraged. But in all seriousness, getting out there helps break up the often grueling grind that can be RPI academics.