RPI reveals baseball stadium plans

THE NEW BASEBALL STADIUM WILL SERVE as home for the baseball team upon its completion, tentatively scheduled for Fall 2016.

On Friday, September 4, word broke about plans for a new baseball facility at Rensselaer. Right now, RPI is in the process of raising $6 million for the new baseball stadium. The latest fundraising statistics published by RPI suggest that they have collected approximately 70% of their fundraising goal. RPI plans to select the architect and other necessary contractors for the project in the first couple of months of 2016. If all goes as planned, construction of the new stadium will begin in Spring of 2016. However, no definitive plans have been announced and everything is still very much on the drawing board.

As of right now, plans for where the baseball team would play home games for next year have yet to be determined. RPI Athletic Director Lee McElroy named the College of Saint Rose as a possible location, but schedules for spring sports still need to be finalized. When asked about having to choose between multiple other college’s fields, he said it is a “good problem to have.”

The current home of the baseball team at RPI is Robison Field, which is located just off campus at the intersection of 17th and Eagle streets. Recently, the field has been renovated to have a synthetic turf surface and over 200 feet of new privacy fencing, according to facts published by RPI’s Environmental and Site Service department. The turf was added to alleviate challenges brought on by the fact that there is often still snow on the ground in the first couple of weeks of the baseball season. Presumably, the new $6 million facility would also alleviate any challenges that the Troy weather brings about in the beginning of the season. Stay tuned for updates as more information comes to fruition.