Bookstore manager meets with student leaders

PRESIDENT OF THE UNION NICK DVORAK ’16 SITS with the new bookstore manager, Ken Palmer, at a forum for student leaders.

Last Thursday, Student leaders had the opportunity to meet with the new manager of the Rensselaer Collegiate Store, Ken Palmer. The informal meet and greet was scheduled by President of the Union Nick Dvorak ’16 to discuss the current status and future plans of the Rensselaer Collegiate Store, and to answer any questions about the Follett change-over.

Some of the meeting attendees included members of the Executive Board, Student Senate, and Judicial Board, along with reporters from The Polytechnic, members of RPI TV, and Rensselaer Union administrative workers, including Director of the Union Joe Cassidy.

Palmer discussed his experiences introducing Follett into college bookstores in the past. He has worked at three stores in the past five years, two of which he helped start. He then explained how each store is different and described how he has gained valuable experience from the differences in each one.

On the topic of introducing new inventory into the store, Palmer explained that, in addition to many of the standard items currently found in the store, Follett will bring multiple new items that Palmer believes will be good fits for the students at RPI. Additionally, many more items will be available on the online store.

When discussing the opening date for the new store, Cassidy explained that the schedule had been changed from the original plan to accommodate additional unforeseen renovations, and is now scheduled to open by the end of September. A grand opening ceremony will be held after the temporary store has fully moved out of the games room and into the renovated space.

Palmer expressed interest in forming the Bookstore Advisory Council with the RPI Student Government, so that students can provide feedback to the bookstore staff on multiple fronts, including item inventory, bookstore services, and more. Palmer intends to provide the Executive Board with quarterly reports on financial data of the bookstore.