Staff Editorial:

A smile a day

Every day is filled with monotony. Get up, go to class, eat, do homework, and go to sleep. Maybe you don’t have classes or, let’s be honest, maybe you don’t study. But you do something like this every day. It’s like clockwork. Maybe some days you smile or laugh, but mostly, you’re just bored and tired. Tired of Data Structures labs. Tired of Sodexo food. Tired of the freezing winds.

But those are the days when you catch a sliver of light. Do you know what one of the greatest feelings in the world is? When you pass by someone on your way to class and they make eye contact and smile. You don’t know what kind of a day they’ve had. It could have been a day full of classes and labs. Or maybe they just found out their little niece said her first word. Or it could be something as simple as having “drink hot chocolate” on their to-do list. Every smile, no matter how small it may be, makes someone else a bit happier. So smile. Smile when you’re headed to your 8 am. Smile when you’re just chillin’ with friends. Smile when you might not want to. If someone else is happy, then you should be, too.

Life is rough sometimes. But why go through it hating every second or wanting things to go faster than need be? Enjoy what you have, no matter how terrible it may seem. So next time you’re braving that bitterly cold air outdoors or circling the top floor of the Union, smile. Smile at someone you don’t know. Smile at someone you do. When you smile, it’ll make someone else’s day, and if they smile back, it might just make yours.