Fraternity does good for brothers and sisters

SIGMA PHI EPSILON’S SIGN ADVERTISING their tasty $2 breakfast sandwiches outside of stage for students and staff.

Early morning classes here at RPI do not always leave students time to eat breakfast. Fortunately, Sigma Phi Epsilon has been selling warm and tasty $2 bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches every Friday morning to hungry students. All of the money raised is being donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters, the national philanthropic and service learning partner of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

The idea for this fundraiser was developed by brothers Joe Livote ’14 and Brian Michalka ’16 with the understanding that to raise philanthropy money on campus, Sigma Phi Epsilon would need to provide something to the RPI community that people really wanted. Many students were looking for a quick breakfast on their way to class and did not want to spend any more than a few bucks. Additionally, they preferred fresh eggs and bacon cooked on a grill rather than products offered at campus dining locations.

The event kicked off on October 24 as a team of eight brothers lugged enough food and cooking equipment to prepare 60 sandwiches in front of Russell Sage Dining Hall. By 9:30 am, the fraternity had exhausted its inventory and had to close for the day. Over the next two weeks, the sales continued to double, raising just over $1000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. One of the greatest successes in expanding their sales has been offering office delivery to the various departments on campus. Faculty and staff can place an order online up until Thursday night, and have sandwiches delivered right to their desk at their specified time Friday morning. The brothers at Sigma Phi Epsilon will happily deliver one to several dozen sandwiches to any campus location.

To attract passing by students, Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers are prepared with music and a microphone to advertise breakfast to all. While walking by, you might hear brothers advertising the high quality, low price, or ready-to-go method used. Brother Jack Eaton ’16 might even be on the microphone singing some modified karaoke to bring attention to the great cause.

Sigma Phi Epsilon plans to continue their Friday morning sales from 7:30–10:30 am on the Sage/Center for Industrial Innovation concourse. The brothers hope to continue to raise money and expand their office delivery option going into the spring semester.