Executive Board committees seek members

Hey RPI!

First, I would like to congratulate men’s hockey on their 5-2 victory over the University of Prince Edward Island in their exhibition game this weekend! It was a great start to what looks like an amazing season. Men’s hockey was not the only successful team this weekend; I would also like to congratulate field hockey, women’s soccer, men’s tennis, football, and our men’s and women’s cross country teams on their great performances last weekend. I wish them luck in their contests this weekend as well!

Last week, the Executive Board had a short and sweet meeting in which we met with Hospitality Services to review all the renovations that occurred over the summer. The renovations include the addition of Mega Burger and Cusato’s Pizza Rathskeller, the expansion of AFC Sushi into Father’s Marketplace with the inclusion of hot dishes, along with a new F’Real Shake machine, and the rearranging of the McNeil Room to offer more space and options for our most popular food items. We also discussed others to come, including a new Pepsi Multi Flavor Tower in Rathskeller and an increased menu at Mega Burger to include hot sandwiches. Next, we met with men’s club soccer and unanimously approved them to become a Rensselaer Union funded club.

In the Rensselaer Union, as the year moves forward, many exciting things are happening in our E-Board Committees. The Policies Committee is working to help students bring their new clubs to life, and sunsetting those clubs that are no longer active, as well as creating a streamlined process for clubs to apply to become funded. If any of these projects interest you, please contact the chair, Spencer Norris ’17, at The Business Operations Committee is working on bringing a postage/mailing option to the Rensselaer Union for students’ convenience to replace the post office we had years ago, as well as bookstore improvements and concepts. If you would like to join in on the fun, contact graduate student Nimit Dhulekar at for more information. The Technology Committee, headed by Anthony Barbieri ’15 (, is focusing on creating a new and improved club management system for our clubs to use. The Rensselaer Union Annual Report Committee is developing the Union Annual Report, a document that communicates every aspect of the upcoming Rensselaer Union budget to students. They are also working on new ways to creatively communicate with students about how their money is spent each year. Please contact Shoshana Rubinstein ’16 at if you would like to help out on this project. The Marketing, Advertising, and Publicity committee is working on new sign policies and improving club advertising on the bulletin boards throughout the Union. Their leader is Colton Fisher ’15 ( The MAP committee will also be working with the newly formed Union Website Committee to create guidelines for its use once it is complete. The Rensselaer Union Website Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the collection and addition of content to the new Union website, which was created by students, as well as focus groups to help improve the initial design to best suit student needs. Please contact Sarah Keller ’17 at if you would like to be involved in the website’s creation.

This weekend is our annual Reunion & Homecoming weekend. It is a very exciting time in the year, when our alumni take over campus for the weekend. Make sure to get out there and enjoy FanFest, located up at East Campus Athletic Village on Saturday from 11 am–3 pm, where there will be food and games for everyone to enjoy! If you are interested in helping out with any of the Reunion & Homecoming events, they are still looking for a few volunteers. You can sign up at

Have a wonderful week everyone!