PSS: racing to the mechanic

ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5, THE RENSSELAER SPORTS CAR ASSOCIATION PUT ON an autocross event in the North Parking Lot. A parked car was struck by one of the sports vehicles. RSCA President Clayton Rayment ’16 said that all North Hall residents had been informed of the event via email on October 2, with a graphic displaying the areas used by the course on October 4. Fliers were placed on cars in the North Hall Parking Lot as well. However, non-resident commuter students were not informed about the autocross event in any other way. Rayment noted that, “Since we are not allowed to move vehicles, this forces us to modify the planned course to avoid vehicles left in the lot.” The car that was hit was one of the vehicles left there. Rayment further added that the car in the accident had been in the same parking spot during the autocross event two weeks prior. Cars were not forced to move. Rayment also said that RSCA is “currently in the process of pursuing additional safety measures so that this does not happen in the future.” He noted that all sports come with a risk, but that the risk should be minimized.