Editorial Notebook

Challenging the feminist movement

I do not support the current feminist movement. Now, before getting your panties in twist and calling for my head, let me explain. I support equality and that’s what feminism used to be about: social, economic, and political equality. However, feminism has veered off in an entirely different direction, and I cannot support it.

When did feminism become about hating men? This new direction of feminism has produced a group self-proclaimed “feminists” who are really just a group of testy, men-hating women. More often than not, the same women I see complaining about sexism and being objectified by men turn around and treat men in a similar manner. My friends and I have noticed the disturbing trend of women treating men as if they are emotionless and disposable. If women expect to be treated by men as their equals, then we should start by treating men as human beings capable of feeling emotions and critical thought.

Men are now being attacked for their personal preferences. Too many times I’ve seen posts online saying things like “real men like curves.” So if a man isn’t interested in a girl with “curves,” he’s not a real man? What if he doesn’t like girls with tattoos? Or girls with unnatural hair colors? Men are entitled to their own opinions and should not be bashed for not being interested in a woman simply because she doesn’t fulfill his desires.

Some women are also being attacked by so-called feminists for not being ambitious. If a woman aspires to be a stay at home mother and take care of the household, that is no one else’s business. Women have different dreams and aspirations, from climbing the corporate ladder or pursuing politics to just raising a family. What is best for you may be different from what is best for another woman, and it is not for you to decide whether her goals are worthwhile.

I recently read an article online written as a letter from a regretful woman to her younger self. In the letter she warned herself not to let the “good guy” get away in favor of someone more interesting, but less stable. I thought the article made some valid points and decided to read the comments on the article. I was unpleasantly surprised. Many women had written hostile responses, crying “sexism” and accusing the “good guys” of only wanting physical relationships. They had been so quick to anger they missed the point of the article entirely: be with someone who loves you and is good to you. Let me just say, you are not doing your fellow feminists, or women as a whole, any favors by responding this way. Instead of “empowering” women and supporting the movement for gender equality, you make women appear incapable of forming logical arguments and reason.

So, please, do your fellow women a favor and take a breath. Stop the man-hating, the attacks on men’s opinions, and the hypocrisy. Stop looking for sexism where it doesn’t exist. Redirect all that passion and energy into reaching your dreams. Work your derriere off and show men you are just as capable of achieving anything they can…because you are.