Staff Editorial: Time for one final and triumphant hoorah!

Finals are right around the corner, and the last slew of exams for classes are this week and next week. We would like to remind you to give it 110 percent. Setting the bar high encourages people to reach for the moon, constantly trying to better themselves. With this high end goal in mind, people will work towards it on a daily basis.

Though aiming for the stars is a difficult task, it can be accomplished by setting a series of short- term objectives that eventually lead to the end goal. For example, when studying for an exam, the goal would be to get that A+. However, the steps to getting there include separating the exam material into parts and focusing on each one until it has been mastered. In other words, to tackle the problems, one must understand the process and memorize the equations. Simple as it seems, it is easy to lose direction when completely engrossed in studies.

The other key to this mantra is to never be content. For example, when learning a musical instrument, instructors always say practice makes perfect. However, no matter how hard or how much you practice, it is impossible to be perfect because the concept of perfection is unattainable. Instead, musicians are open to the idea that you can always be better; you shouldn’t be satisfied with where you are. This only encourages you to work harder and have a dynamic and open mindset all the time. Once you are content with your level of achievement, you are psychologically putting your abilities at a disadvantage. Always believe that you can do better, and you will.

As students at RPI, we are here, firstly and foremostly, for school. Therefore, when telling yourself to give schoolwork your all, it shouldn’t be asking too much. You should already be working your hardest. If you feel you are slacking off, it’s not too late to pick up the pace and move forward in classes. Remember, there are only a couple of weeks left in the semester, and most times, final exams, papers, and projects can determine performance in a class by a whole letter grade.