Editorial Notebook

Please don’t be a fangirl about TV

Online Exclusive

Most people nowadays have a few TV shows they follow and regularly watch. However, there’s a difference between being a loyal fan and being completely consumed by a show. For those of you who experience difficulty controlling your “fangirling,” please get it under control.

Talking incessantly about a show will not encourage me to see it. After listening to endless plot summaries and analysis, I feel as though I’ve already seen every episode before having ever watched it. Some of the shows that have been ruined for me by obsessed fans include Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad.

Despite having read the books that the show Game of Thrones is based off of, I refuse to watch the series. I have refrained from watching Game of Thrones because it was ruined for me by social media sites. Even though I knew the general plot the TV show would follow because I had read the books, I didn’t appreciate seeing play-by-plays of every episode online before I had the opportunity to watch the show. Additionally, I have seen more than enough of Maisie Williams, one of the actresses on the show, on Reddit to be sick of her and the entire show.

I like How I Met Your Mother as much as the next person, but I cannot deal with the die-hard fans. Many of the show’s most dedicated fans refused to go on any social media sites until they had seen the series finale. A person’s daily activities should not revolve around a TV show.

Finally, I must say I’m glad the Breaking Bad craze is over. Having never seen the show, I truly can’t understand the appeal. Breaking Bad doesn’t seem like the type of show I’d normally watch, but after fans raving about it for the past few years, I doubt I will ever watch it.

Not only TV shows have been ruined for me in this manner, but also some films, most notably Frozen. In the case of Frozen, I was sick of the songs before I had even seen the movie. Belting “Let it Go” wildly off-key will not win me over. My friends and family had gushed over the movie and insisted that I watch it. After seeing the huge hype Frozen received, I set my expectations too high and unfortunately, I was unimpressed when I finally saw it. I thought the film was wildly overrated. It wasn’t a bad movie per se, but I was expecting something spectacular, and it failed to deliver.

I guess in summary, what I’m asking is for people to please exercise some self-control. Being enthusiastic about your favorite TV shows is understandable but please don’t ruin them for everyone else.