Keraga, Noritsky declared winners of GM primary

Two to face off in final debate Tuesday evening

Results sent just after 5:30 am on Tuesday have candidates Kyle Keraga ’15 and Gavin Noritsky ’16 advancing to the final Grand Marshal election, ousting long-time Senate representative Greg Niguidula ’15. Monday’s primary race and results were certified by the Rules and Elections Committee after one hand recount.

Decision 3, a copy of which can be found at, lists the election results by the numbers. In the GM race, Keraga brought in 589 votes and Noritsky recieved 432. Niguidula received a mere 32 percent of the latter, mustering just 140 student ballots.

Two other races had primaries, something most voters did not realize due to their cohort and class year status. The final election for alumni secretary will include Chuck Carletta ’14, as he captured his ballot line handily, and Katie O’Neil ’14, who squeezed out Elizabeth Anderson ’14 by just over 30 votes. In the third contested race, Gretchen Sileo ’14 solidified her place handily, and Caitlyn Blackburn ’14 beat Ibby Ottman ’14 by only five votes in runs for alumni treasurer. The treasurer race required five hand recounts until R&E certified the results.

Final debates for GM and President of the Union are scheduled for 5 pm on Tuesday in the McNeil Room. The debates will be streamed live by RPI TV at and will include both respective pairs of candidates running for seats in Thursday’s election.