Staff Editorial: Yo bro, join Le Poly!

ΠΛΥ, formally known by many as Le Polyteknique, has gotten a lot of heat lately from the school. As proud brothers, we can honestly say that most of the allegations are unfortunately true. While we’re on academic probation right now, we feel like this is a great time to clear some stuff up.

First, our hazing policy. Officially, no alcohol is present during our secret rituals—which you can read about on Jeff Brosenthal’s blog—and no activities that make pledges uncomfortable are forced upon them. But, let’s be serious, you can’t be the coolest frat on campus without a little hazing. It’s become an expected occurrence from our fellow students to see a pledge or two incarcerated for some reason or another, like that time one of our pledges “allegedly” streaked through Troy and was tackled by the TPD outside Dunkin’ Donuts. But, this is all harmless fun: none of our pledges have gotten seriously injured, and none have dropped either. We achieve this by taking the best GDIs we can find and chiseling them into real Poly bros.

Second, our community outreach. We’re a historic fraternity, based at RPI since we were chartered in 1885, and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon. We’ve been delivering hard-hitting news every week. Of course, we have all-night ragers every Tuesday to help coax out each week’s issue. Do we need alcohol to make each issue? No. Does it act like a lubricant to ease the process? Hell yes.

Third, our housing. Some think it’s a massive breach of school policy to have our house on the third floor of the Union. And you know what, we just don’t care. The Pub is just across the hall if we want to pre-game around midnight; plus, Father’s and the Rathskeller are just downstairs, if we’re able to get there. This eliminates the need for a sober driver, meaning every brother can get as shwasted as they want every night.

Finally, on a more serious note, academics. Scholarship is our main priority as Poly brothers, that is why we, all majors in the school of management, maintain a solid 2.2 average GPA, which is way above the 2.0 necessary to stay off academic probation.

So, we think we’ve made our point pretty well. Us Poly bros go hard, but we’re also smart and chill. We will bounce back from this BS probation and be back on top. Next semester, look out for our rush events and be optimistic to be considered for a bid from easily the best frat at RPI.