Tibbits, Highland meeting talks crime, safety

Troy Councilman Robert Doherty organized meeting; recent crimes result of unlocked doors

On Wednesday, February 26, Troy City Councilman Robert Doherty held a neighborhood association meeting for the Tibbets and Highland Avenues area in the Chapel + Cultural Center. RPI students were invited to attend; Associate Dean of Off-Campus Commons Cary Dresher sent out an email to off-campus and Greek students prior to the meeting. According to Doherty, 25-30 people were at the meeting, five of them RPI students. The discussion focused around crime and safety as well as connections between members of that neighborhood.

Recently, there have been car and home break-ins in the area. Doherty said that most of the home break-ins were done by “young people” who would knock on the doors then try to enter. A meeting was called last year for similar reasons. At February’s meeting, members of the Troy Police Department talked about safety. Doherty explained that the police said that there will always be crime, but that citizens can lessen the opportunities for criminals to commit crimes. For example, people going on vacation can use various means to make it seem like the house is still occupied. Doherty noted that most crimes that have happened in the area were a result of homes or cars being unlocked; keeping them locked is one way to lessen the opportunity for crime. Another safety tip is to be careful what outside people can see through windows.

Dresher said that while the meeting was more for permanent residents, “students seemed engaged and involved in the conversation.” Doherty remembered that the women in the sorority on Tibbits expressed concerns with Troy High students.

According to Doherty, a neighborhood association in the Highland/Tibbets area used to exist. The organization no longer does, but an email list that residents can post to does. The possibility of the reformation of a formal neighborhood association was discussed. One such organization exists in South Troy.

Doherty said that “people did seem to enjoy the meeting” and noted that it was a comfortable discussion between the police and residents rather than residents advocating for more police patrol or anything like that. Another meeting may be held in the future.