Incident blotter: Marijuana scent in E-Complex, possible broken nose at ECAV

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Tuesday, February 18

• ’87 Gymnasium

Illness: Rensselaer County called stating that there was a 19-year-old subject with difficulty breathing on the gym floor of the ’87 Gym. Student transported to Samaritan Hospital by TFD. On-call dean notified.

• Polytechnic Apartments

Fire alarm: Fire alarm activated in Polytech Apartments. Cooking smoke is the cause. Reset per TFD.

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Petty larceny: Caller stated that unknown person entered room and took a silver chain. Door was secured at the time. Report on file.

• Houston Field House

Injury: Caller stated that 19-year-old subject injured left shoulder while playing hockey. Subject was treated and transported to Samaritan by RPIA. On-call dean notified. Medical on file.

Wednesday, February 19

• North Hall

Fire: Panel indicated general fire alarm. Second floor pull station activated. TFD checked area, nothing showing. FLS reported fire on stove on third floor. TFD notified. Reset per TFD.

Thursday, February 20

• Darrin Communications Center

Larceny: Caller reported that someone stole cell phone. Caller did a GPS tracking and the person was in the Russell Sage Lab. Report on file.

• Polytechnic Apartments

Fire alarm: Fire alarm activation received for Polytech Apartments. Cooking smoke was the cause. Reset per TFD.

• Crockett Hall

Illness: Caller requested transportation to the hospital to be treated for a staph infection. Transported to Samaritan by RPIA. Medical report on file.

Friday, February 21

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Illness: Student was complaining of dietetic related issues. TFD responded and treated student. TFD deemed it was not necessary for student to be transported to hospital and student agreed.

• E-Complex

Illegal drug use: RA reported the smell of marijuana in the area of Waite. Evidence was confiscated and turned over to Investigation. Report filed.

• Polytechnic Apartments

Illness: Student stated having chest pains. TFD arrived and treated student; student refused to be transported by TFD but did state would go to Samaritan Hospital with friend in private vehicle.

• Houston Field House

Injury: Visitor stated that, upon leaving the Field House, slipped on ice injuring right elbow. RPIA arrived, treated and transported subject to Samaritan.

Sunday, February 23

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Illness: Caller stated significant other had been vomiting and now felt cold laying on the ground. Patient is feeling very nauseous and did not want to be moved. Patient was transported to Samaritan. On-call dean notified.

• Burdett Avenue

Robbery: Received a call from Rensselaer County about an armed robbery that occurred on Burdett Avenue. Suspects: two white males, one black male, one of them allegedly displayed a handgun. Patrols notified. Victim was an RPI student . Patrols and Troy Police checked campus area. Victim interviewed in Sun Space. DPS on call notified. Safety alert posted. DOSO also notified.

• Quadrangle Residence Hall

Injury: Received call from Rensselaer County that they were dispatching an ambulance to Quad White III for a back injury. DOSO notified.

Monday, February 24

• East Campus Athletic Village

Injury: Caller stated that caller may have broken nose playing basketball. Caller stated that they intended to go to the hospital on their own. Officer confirmed caller going to hospital by private auto. DOSO notified.