PU recaps weekend events

Hello RPI! I hope that everyone got out this weekend to see two great games played by our men’s hockey team. On Friday night , the team faced Yale Univeristy and although they lost in overtime they played very well. In between periods, John Knightley ’65 entered RPI’s Hall of Fame. It was wonderful to see so many hockey alumni in the Houston Field House supporting John on this great evening.

Saturday was the 37th Annual Big Red Freakout! against Brown which started out strong. The Field House was sold out, and it was great to see so many fans supporting our team and our traditions. This year, the giveaway was a seat cushion which students put to good use for many different purposes, including hats and noise makers. It was a wonderful victory for our team and a wonderful experience to see so much support and passion for our school. In case you didn’t have a chance to see the game, as always, it can be found online with RPI TV. They film most of the RPI hockey games, and they always do a fantastic job, so be sure to check it out.

Relay for Life and the Wellness Institute co-hosted an event in the McNeil Room this weekend where students signed up for Relay for Life and enjoyed a great afternoon full of fitness. There were Zumba and kickboxing classes, and it was great to see so many people participating and becoming involved. If you have a chance, you should stop by the bulletin board outside the McNeil Room on the 15th Street side of the Renssalaer Union. There, students have posted “why they relay.” Many new ones are appearing each day so make sure you stop by and include “why you relay” on the board as well.

At the Executive Board meeting this week, we approved a reimbursement plan for the Ski and Snowboard club’s rentals. Unfortunately, just before Winter Break, it came to our attention that many pieces of equipment in the Ski and Snowboard Club’s inventory were in desperate need of updating and as such, the rental program was temporarily shut down. In order to accommodate the many RPI students who are members of the club and rent frequently with the organization, the Board decided to subsidize rentals until a permanent solution has been determined. This program will allow many students to continue to enjoy their favorite winter activities.

Finally, this weekend is Winter Carnival which promises to be a wonderful event! This year the theme is arctic frost, and as someone who has seen the design, I am very excited. There will be many inflatable events, huskies, and cardboard sled races at the event. There are also many carnival games being hosted by our very own organizations, so make sure you come out and enjoy the event. Although on a three-day weekend, this promises to be one of the best carnivals and a great event for the weekend. It’s also not too late to create a cardboard sled and enter it into the race. The prizes for the day are very exciting so make sure that you attend!

If you would like more clarification about anything Union-related, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Have a wonderful week!